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VIII. Encounters with the investigation

VIII. Encounters with the investigation

Los días 25 y 26 de junio de 2019 se celebran en BilbaoArte los VIII. Encuentros con la investigación, en colaboración con el Máster en Investigación y Creación en Arte y Conservación y Exhibición...

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Urazurrutia Aretoa / Glass Courtyard
«Objeto [In]quieto» <br>Exhibition by Raquel Asensi

«Objeto [In]quieto»
Exhibition by Raquel Asensi

We have created artefacts, objects designed for specific functions that allow us to perform tasks that otherwise would be impossible, expanding our bodily abilities. These rest[less] objects expand both our physical and symbolic possibilities, based on our cultural needs. A piece of clothing protects us from the cold, and also from social factors. We survive in our adaptation to language, power, meaning.