How can I access the grants?

To gain access to BilbaoArte’s grants you have to present a project before a deadline (around October). There are five categories in which the candidate artist can apply:

  • With space, accessing an own studio inside the building’s facilities.
  • With space and residency, like the previous one but with a residency grant in Bilbao.
  • Without space, accessing the grant but without a studio in BilbaoArte.
  • Without space but with residency, like the previous one but with a residency grant in Bilbao.
  • Collaboration, as one of the workshop master’s assistant.


How can I become a user in BilbaoArte?

To gain access to the tools and spaces of BilbaoArte as a user-artist it’s necessary for the applicant to create a project dossier and present it to the workshop master that corresponds to the candidate’s main activity.

After the project’s approval, the applicant would proceed to the hiring of an insurance and the deposit of a bail, being finally able to work in BilbaoArte during a whole year.


How can I take part in the activities?

Within BilbaoArte’s varied programming there are free access activities (such as conferences, screenings and presentations), as well as workshops and seminars with enrolment.

To take part in the workshops and seminars the applicant must send the correspondent inscription sheet to The sheet will be downloadable on the workshop’s entry on the web.


How can I be notified about incoming events?

You can be notified about BilbaoArte’s activities by writing to so they can add your address to our news spreading list.