I heard that the people of Bilbao, Spain have great pride.

It is for the city overcame crisis with opportunity.

Although there are places that are centered around and iron mining districts and shine with the outer appearance of iron such as Bilbao and Guggenheim, above all, what left a strong appearance on me for Spain were soccer and even more so, the strong colors.

Korea, too, has a dramatic history and process, which led to a strong color palette of Saekdong (Traditional Korean Colorful Stripes). Based on this commonality, I will use iron to create a “Ribbon certificate” or “Trump.”

The dynamically soft ribbon material was made from a strong iron material with a strong static iron material, which attracted a wide variety of the audience’s eyes.

Also, I plan on installing a celebration event by using materials such as balloons.

The following are the reasons why I began preparing for the Magic Project which has begun in 2017 Shanghai.

I was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago. When I did chemotherapy, I received an injection which made my whole body feel good. I felt vivid, colorful, electric, …as if fireworks were everywhere inside of me.

I recovered and now feel I have a new life. This work parallels this very personal experience : these colorful patterns mean MAGIC, like every moment is for the Future

In addition, it is a small, but interesting for each of us who have lived out good lives.  I have context for “MAGIC Fantasies found in Daily Life” for I have worked with the concept of boundaries and boundary lines, especially east and south, reality and fantasy, and south and north.

I am planning on show casing the making film, drawings, and photo pictures from the process.

Currently, I am planning a YouTube channel, which will show the process of production and explanations of final works with English subtitles.

I graduated from the department of sculpture and attended graduate school for sculpture in Korea.  

I have been focusing on photography, but I have always had a desire for sculpture and installation.

I have made large wings from iron welding during my graduate school days.

It has been a long time, but if I get the chance to go back to Bilbao, Spain, I would like to see many of the sculpture masterpieces, and try making a product with iron.