I heard that the people of Bilbao, Spain have great pride. It is for the city overcame crisis with opportunity.

Although there are places that are centered around and iron mining districts and shine with the outer appearance of iron such as Bilbao and Guggenheim, above all, what left a strong appearance on me for Spain were soccer and even more so, the strong colors.

Korea, too, has a dramatic history and process, which led to a strong color palette of Saekdong (Traditional Korean Colorful Stripes). Based on this commonality, I will use iron to create a “Ribbon certificate” or “Trump”. The dynamically soft ribbon material was made from a strong iron material with a strong static iron material, which attracted a wide variety of the audience’s eyes.

Also, I plan on installing a celebration event by using materials such as balloons.

Dorothy M. Yoon (Miyeon Yoon) lives and works in Seoul. MFA in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths College, University of London; MFA (Sculpture) at Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul; BFA (Sculpture) at Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul.

Solo Exhibitions: ‘Girls from North and Boys from South’ at Trunk Gallery (Seoul, 2015); ‘Rococo No.33B’. 16 Bungee at Gallery Hyundai Window (Seoul, 2011); ‘8 of heroines’ at SaLon gallery (London, UK, 2009); ‘8 of heroines’ at Andrew James Art gallery (Shanghai, 2009); ‘13 of Blondes’ at Andrew James Art gallery (Shanghai, 2008).

Selected Exhibitions: ‘Here / Ever – Nowhere / Never’ at Swatch Art Peace Art Centre, (Shanghai, 2018); DEAGU Photo Biennale (freme, freely)-Main Exhibition at Deagu Art Center (Deagu, 2018); ‘The Missing Peace’ at Paju Bookcity Culture Foundation (PAJU, 2018); ‘EXIT’ at New Delhi Korea cultural center (New Delhi, 2018); ‘The Skin I live in’ at Seoul Olympic Museum of Art (Seoul, 2017); ‘Report & Recall’ (SeMA Nanji Residency 10th Review) at SeMA Storage (Seoul, 2017); ‘Sigma Problem=Hell Chosun’ at Seoul Art Foundation (Seoul, 2017); ‘Read My Lips’ at Hapjunggigu (Seoul, 2017); ‘Landscape’ at Pildong Street Museum (Seoul, 2017); ‘Air plants’ at SeMA NANJI Exhibition Hall (Seoul, 2016); ‘Shy/Shameful, Trivial/Trifling’ at SeMA NANJI Exhibition Hall (Seoul, 2016); ‘Wonderland’ in SeMA, Buk Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul, 2015).

Residencies: BilbaoArte Foundation (Bilbao, 2019); Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency (Shanghai, 2017-2018); Seoul Museum Of Art, SeMA Nanji Residency (Seoul, 2016).