Landscapes after the battle is a pictorial series with expressionist inspiration in which I represent the abandoned and destroyed places we can currently find.  They are metaphorical images of a contem-porary social situation which troubles me and which transmit to the spectator a cer-tain uncertainty and existential vacuum. To compile it I have used photographs of these areas located in Bilbao and trans-ferred them to the canvas by means of a slow and constant process. The paint-ings in this series are created in reduced shades, constantly seeking a tactile and luminous quality. The concept of destruction is also present in the artistic process. The image is built up at every moment, with layer upon layer of paint, or pulled apart to leave the fabric bare. Figuration and abstraction are mixed until they merge into each other in an atmos-phere which envelops everything: a combi-nation of light and darkness, strength and weakness, the visible and invisible, the real and unreal, chaos and order, where oppo-sites do not oppose each other but instead are complementary.


Sheila Rodríguez is a Graduate in Fine Arts by the University of Málaga after studying at the University of Salamanca with the Séne-ca Scholarship. In 2014 she completed her official Master’s Degrees studies in Research into Art and Creation at the Complutense University in Madrid. The group exhibitions she has taken part in include “Saque de puerta” (Complutense Art Centre, Madrid, 2014), “Artista en construc-ción” (Matadero, Madrid, 2014) and “1st  Young Art Seminar at the CyL” (Da2, Sala-manca, 2015). She won first prize at the 8th UMA Painting Awards (La Muralla del Rec-torado Exhibition Hall, Málaga, 2014). Her work can be found in the collection of the University of Málaga.