From September 3 to October 1, 2021, BilbaoArte’s Urazurrutia Aretoa exhibits the work of the artist Eszter Katalin (Budapest, 1991), who received a grant from BilbaoArte during 2020. This audiovisual exhibition entitled “Under the shadow of Azkorri” opens on 3 September at 7:00 p.m., with free entry with limited capacity.

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Use of a mandatory mask.

Under the shadow of Azkorri is an exhibition centred on the homonymous video. Departing from a photo taken on the beach of Azkorri, the work dealswith the problematic, how a change of perspective might alter the sensibility towards an image.Following this, the directorre-enactsa gesture from Miklós Jancsó’s movie “Még kér a nép” (“Red Psalm”, 1972), which is encountered subsequently on a photo of Russian LGBTQIA+ activist Yelena Grigoryeva.Sheexplores that particular sign complicating its erotics of resistance and rewriting it by drawing lines to her own queer sexuality, to the aesthetic representation of communism as well as to questions of dispossession.

Eszter Katalin (Budapest, 1991) is a Hungarian audiovisual artist based in Vienna and Bilbao. Her practice is concerned with questioning the representation of subjects tied to socio-political struggles from a queer-feminist perspective. Her work has beenfeatured at festivals such as the Diagonale–Festival des österreichischen Films in Graz, the 17th. Filmmor International Women’s Film Festival on Wheels in Istanbul as well as in the video library of Rencontres Inter-nationales Paris/Berlin 2018/19. In 2019, she was a resident at the Tabakalera Centre for Contemporary Art in Donostia-San Sebastian and has recently had her first solo-exhibition in Likovni salon Gallery in Celje, Slovenia.