To gain access to BilbaoArte’s grants you have to present a project before a deadline (around October). There are three categories in which the candidate artist can apply:

  • With space, accessing an own studio inside the building’s facilities.
  • With space and accomodation, like the previous one but with a accomodation grant in Bilbao.
  • Collaboration, as workshop masters’ assistant.

More information on ‘Calls’ section.


Production aids

To gain access to BilbaoArte’s ‘production aids’ you have to present a project before a deadline. Up to 24 financial aids of a three-month duration are suggested, with an economic contribution of up to 1,200€ per aid.

More information on ‘Calls’ section.


User of the workshops

To access the use of the workshops, an artistic dossier must be sent, to, in digital format in which the curricular trajectory and the general lines on which their work is currently developed are collected.

After approval of the project by the workshop master of the requested area, the rest of the documentation will be requested:

  1. Image of the D.N.I. or passport
  2. Document of acceptance of conditions of use of workshops filled in and signed
  3. Proof of payment of the annual fee (€ 50) from February 1 to February 1 of the next year

Click here to consult the terms and conditions of use of workshops.


Activities programme

Within BilbaoArte’s varied programming there are free access activities (such as conferences, screenings and presentations), as well as workshops and seminars with enrolment.

To take part in the workshops and seminars the applicant must send the correspondent inscription sheet to The sheet will be downloadable on the workshop’s entry on the web.


How can I be notified about incoming events?

You can find out about BilbaoArte’s activities by writing to or add your email address to our distribution list using the form below these lines.