Taller Artistas Bloqueados

Todos los miercoles de 18:30 a 20:30.

Entrada con inscripción 70 Euros. Plazas limitadas. Matriculas en BilbaoArte.



Do you feel as if you’ve run out of ideas?

Do you think everything you create is not good enough?

Negative thoughts overwhelm your creativity?

Do you keep procrastinating about the perfect moment to start “creating”?


Experience-based, practical workshop for: those interested/involved in any aspect of the arts and who have gone off of the creative process, for whoever hasn’t started to use their creativity yet, for those who wish to open up the gates of their creativity and regain the sunny side of life.



1. Our starting point. The growth of creativity.

2. Blocks: where they come from. The creative path.

3. Fear, self-doubt, insecurity. The enemies of creativity
(it should be setbacks, but I don’t like it)

4. Creative coaching: learning the habit of positive thinking
5. Artist’s self-help kit
6. Creative techniques: analogies, mind-mapping, brainstorming…

7. Self-protection: the dangers of the woods: work-alcoholism, being dried up… (it should be the dangers of the path, but I think that woods makes it more poetic)

Plus anything that comes up during the seminar.


Creative and artistic techniques used:

Painting, photography, collage, mind maps, body expression, mandalas, archetypes, poetry, wordplay, creative visualisations…



  • Awaken, acknowledge and honour every one’s creativity
  • Channeling one’s emotions through the creative process.

COACH:   Virginia Castanedo
B. A. in Fine Arts, Leioa 1998
Dip. Art Therapy (Gestalt) 2009

Currently doing M.A. in Creativity,  by IACAT,
Universidad Fernando Pessoa