«Objeto [In]quieto»

Raquel Asensi

3/05 – 31/05

Mon-Fry 17:30 – 20:30

El viernes 3 de mayo de 2019 a las 19:30h se inaugura la exposición «Objeto [In]quieto» de la artista Raquel Asensi, becada en BilbaoArte durante 2018. La exposición estará abierta de lunes a viernes de 17:30h a 20:30h hasta el 31 de mayo. Entrada gratuita.

We have created artefacts, objects designed for specific functions that allow us to perform tasks that otherwise would be impossible, expanding our bodily abilities. These rest[less] objects expand both our physical and symbolic possibilities, based on our cultural needs. A piece of clothing protects us from the cold, and also from social factors. We survive in our adaptation to language, power, meaning. In this experience, whose central axis is ceramics, the artist questions the limits between nature, technology and body. She expands the possibilities of the body, distancing herself from the dichotomy of language, investigating her own signifiers. She considers our relationship with nature, to which we have assigned a different place in language. The artist posits that what we are and the landscape we inhabit are intimately linked. The project Rest[less] Object has transformed into an experimental process that combines ceramics, textiles, plastic, glass, and metal. Some of those results combine actions and photographic records. The pieces are ambiguously organic and artificial, fragile and resistant, ornamental and minimal, soft and hard, industrial and manual. They have been affected by the post-industrial landscape in which they coexist with hybrid beings.

I have learned your language to be able to keep my tongue.



Raquel Asensi is a cyborg ceramic artist. She investigates the influence of feminist perspectives on ceramic art. She has received grants for projects including “Abrazar el ornamento como un lenguaje para la insurrección” (2017) and “Ideonella” (2018). Her work has been exhibited in spaces such as Sala Rekalde, Juntas Generales de Bizkaia, and Getxoarte, among others. She has performed individual performances in BilbaoArte (BLV-ART) and Sarean, and collective ones with Spoken Word Bilbao in Azkuna Zentroa.