El 26 de octubre de 2018, a las 19:30 horas BilbaoArte inaugura la última exposición individual del año bajo el nombre «Muda» de la artista becada en 2017 Uxue López. La artista presentará un proyecto transdisciplinar en el que el diseño experimental será protagonista.

La exposición podrá visitarse en la Sala de Exposiciones del centro entre el 29 de octubre y el 23 de noviembre, de 17:30 a 20:30 horas. Entrada libre.

A practical experiment around the language of things, ‘Muda’ is linked to the tension between impulse, reflection, and contradiction. It parts from the artist’s interest in the relationship with the functional object. Uxue draws a process in which multipossibility is highlighted as a significant proposal; she generates systems that enable an evolutionary dialogue between space, time, form, and function.

The composites used by the artist, in terms of an ensemble of things composing a variable whole, bring together materials, systems, and components, all of which tend towards synthesis and reflect certain “nowness”. The initial impulse drifts within an hybrid lab on the three-dimensionality plane through processes that unite a range of traditional methodologies, on one hand, and new technologies, on the other, within an experimental context.

Uxue López lives and works in Bilbao. She’s got an Arts degree from the Arts Faculty at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). Since she got her Master´s degree in Clay; art and function, her work started to get swayed by the features of clay, and referenced by functional objects and the possibility of change. She is currently working on a project called Hemen, where she is carrying out collective work, teaching, learning and exchanging from practices related to art and design in the city of Bilbao.