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This Friday, october 28th at 18pm Lorenz Helfer y Christine Katscher would like to invite you to the final presentation in their studio, second floor at BilbaoArte.

My current work is called Relationship Portraits. Even though my present pictures are displaying human couples, I understand the term relationship in a much broader sense. They are a result of a development I have started with a series of abstract paintings. My idea from the beginning was to set two different elements in a relation with each other, to let them react to the movement of their partner and initiate a correspondence between them.

In Bilbao I produced a book of seven relationship portaits. In Vienna I will continue to work on paper rolls, which depict different moments of human relationships combined in one drawing.

Lorenz Helfer was born in 1984 in Hohenems, Austria. He studied in the University of Applied Arts (Vienna, Austria) and has been granted at the Emanuel and Sofie Fohn Foundation (2006). He has been an artist in residency in Paliano (Italy, 2009), Lisbon (Portugal, 2010) and has won the art price state of Vorarlberg (Austria, 2015). He works and lives in Vienna.

The work Christine Katscher has produced at BilbaoArte is based on a photograph of an apartment wall. The photograph depicts hardly anything, but the structure of a wall. This photographic image was separated into CMYK layers and screenprinted on paper. The printing process was manipulated by changing the color settings. At the same time Christine worked on pencil drawings on transparent paper, which try to imitate the abstract pattern of the wall structure. She reproduced the drawings through the manipulated CMYK printing process to produce unique images.

Christine Katscher (Vienna, 1986) graduated in 2012 from the academy of fine arts in Vienna, department of graphic arts and printmaking. In 2010 Christine has studied at the École supérieure des beaux-arts in Nantes, France. After her graduation she has worked for one year at Edinburgh Printmakers and is now based in Dornbirn, Austria. Since her return to Austria she has set up an open access printmaking studio in Lustenau. Christine is a co-founder of »Franz the lonely austrionaut« a magazine for narrative drawing.