17 – 28 October 2011
Textile design is an artistic process based on applying a graphic idea to decorate or illustrate the surface of a fabric to be used as a wearable garment.

The theoretical part of the workshop covers specific techniques for creating a repeating graphic pattern and examines the differences between impression and printing and will look at both traditional techniques and today’s digital tools.

The workshop will focus on digital tools, exploring the wide range of possibilities they allow for. In particular, it will deal with the issues conditioning their use in printing for garment manufacture.

The aim of the practical part of the workshop is to prepare the entire process of a design project, starting from an original idea to be developed by each participant, through to the final finished product, in the form of  digitally printed piece fabric.

The workshop will also be addressed by Arantxa Matías, an expert on textiles and printing.
The workshop is targeted at: anyone interested in textile design, visual artists, designers from all disciplines, students and professionals. A basic knowledge of Photoshop and/or Illustrator is required.

Dates: 17-20 and 24-28 October, 2011 (the 25th is a bank holiday).

Hours: 5 pm – 8 pm Classroom hours: 24

Enrolment fee: €75 (This price includes attendance at the course and printing of two metres of fabric with the design proposed by each participant).

Applications: Please submit applications on paper (Personal CV and two ideas or sketches for a textile design), to Fundación Bilbao Arte Fundazioa (calle Urazurrutia, nº32), or send them in a single document, preferably  PDF, to

Deadline for applications: 6 October 2011.

FUNDACION BILBAO ARTE FUNDAZIOA. Urazurrutia, 32 – 48003 – Bilbao.
Tel: +34 94.415.50.97

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