FUNDACIÓN BILBAO BIZKAIA KUTXA, BBK, seeking to promote actions to help
young creative artists, is working with FUNDACIÓN BILBAO ARTE FUNDAZIOA in
issuing this call for applications for art project grants.
The idea is to provide  material and  financial  aid, as well as assistance  for the
production of  artistic  projects.  This call seeks to encourage the production of art and
the development of proposals in all individual and group artistic disciplines, on th e
understanding that the projects funded must be undertaken in 2013.
Anyone who leaves the venue or fails to use it for the purpose for which it is seconded
will accept the resolution the Foundation could take, and it will be unquestionable.
As an international call, anyone who is interested can apply. The applicant must
provide its experience and capacity to mark the end of the proposed project.
During the development of the project, the artist is supposed to live  in the area  around
The projects will be selected by a jury designated for that specific purpose. The names
of the jury members will be posted on the Fundación Bilbao Arte website before  one
week before the deadline.
Fundación Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa will provide funding to meet expenses approved in
advance by the jury to cover the material requirements specified for those projects.
Two time-frames are envisaged for grant-funded projects:
E.  six months (a choice of January-June or July-December)
F.  twelve months as from January 2012.



These grants provide financial aid plus the temporary use of a venue at Fundación
Bilbao Arte for projects that can justify their need of a studio.
The artists selected to use these venues will have at their disposal the full infrastructure
of the various production workshops at the centre.
The secondment of a venue entails its continued use throughout the approved term of
the project. Anyone who leaves the venue or fails to use it for the purpose for which it is
seconded will be considered to have given it up, and by extension to have given up the
right to use the materials funded by Fundación Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa, and will be
required to refund the value of any materials already received at the time when they
cease to use the venue.
A maximum of 10 grants of this type will be available, in the amount of no more than €
4000 each for 12-month projects and € 2000 for 6-month projects, plus the temporary
use of a studio.


These grants cover the production of projects that require the temporary use of one or
more of the workshops at Fundación Bilbao Arte, i.e. engraving and screen printing,
new technologies, sculpture, photography and the film stage.
The artists selected to receive Production  Grants will have at their disposal the full
infrastructure of the various production workshops at the centre, plus advice and co -ordination when necessary from the master artists at the shops.
Artists awarded  Production  Grants are expected to attend the facilities of the
foundation regularly, and to take an active part in any collective projects that may be
promoted by Fundación Bilbao Arte.
A maximum of 10 grants of this type will be available, in the amount of  no more than €
4000 each for 12-month projects and € 2000 for 6-month projects.


Artists awarded grants of this type undertake to work as assistants at the production
workshops under the guidance and direction of the various master artists for four hours
per day, up to a maximum of 20 hours per week.
They will be expected to develop their own projects concurrently with their co-operation
Applicants should provide an outline of their curriculum, and indicate the specialist field
in which they are interested: new technologies, sculpture, engraving or communication.
A maximum of four grants of this type will be awarded, in the amount of € 5.500 each,
covering a single 11-month term from February 1 to December 31, 2013. The grant will
be paid in monthly instalments of € 500.
Failure to attend the centre or abide by these regulations will be grounds for automatic
cancellation of the grant.


Regardless of which of the three foregoing types of grant are applied for, Fundación
Bilbao Arte may also offer applicants the chance to request  a maximum of 8
accommodation/ residence grants  entitling recipients to share a residence with other
Bilbao Arte artists during the term of their projects.
Rent and current  expenses (insurances, water, electricity,wi-fi…), with an estimated
cost of €200 / month will be included in the budget the applicants must provide
regardless the type of grant they are interested in.
Applicants who wish to request this grant should explain their reasons for doing so in
an appendix to their application. Due to the limited places, the jury will attend items like
needs or distance.


1.  Applicants for any type of grant should provide a dossier on the project to be
carried out, including this items:
A.  Brief description of the project (up to 30 lines long).
B.  Images, outlines or sketches related with the proposed project.
C.  Curriculum vitae (for group applications it is recommended that individual CVs
for all members be submitted).
2.  A detailed breakdown  (taxes included)  of all expected expenditure on
consumables for the project. (Items excluded: purchases of equipment for more
than 15% ot the total grant,  travel  expenses  o per diem allowances). Applicant
for residence grant must include the fees described in D. in the total.
3.  Additional graphic material such as brochures, sketches and images as
considered appropriate to help understand the project.
One copy of all the documents required under points one and two above must be
submitted typewritten on size A4 paper and another in PDF format on a CD.
The documentation required under point 3 need not be submitted in PDF form.


The jury that will consider grants for secondment of venues and Workshop Grants will
comprise three renowned specialists from the world of creative art, education, criticism
and artistic management. Their decision is final.
The jury that will consider applications for co-operation and residence grants will
comprise members of the management team of Fundación Bilbao Arte.  Their decision
is final.


Applications for all types of grant may be submitted from the date of disclosure of these
rules and regulations up to November 27, 2012.
In the case of applications submitted by mail, compliance with this deadline will be
judged by the date of the postmark.