The will of FUNDACIÓN BILBAOARTE is to promote culture and artistic production, and for such purpose it collaborates with FUNDACIÓN BILBAO BIZKAIA KUTXA BBK in the edition of this present call for COLABORATION grants for those artists who wish to strengthen their technical knowledge by actively participating in the workshops of the Foundation. That is to say such financial aids are aimed at people who will collaborate in staging exhibitions, assisting the activities and the communication area…

For that purpose, they commit to participate as Workshop Master Assistants with a 4 hour dedication per day and a maximum of 20 hours per week. Such type considers, at the same time, the development of the assistant’s artistic project along his/her period of cooperation in the rest of the schedule and with full autonomy within the workshop for which he/she has been assigned.

The applicants will need to point out, in addition to their educational career and the field they are interested in, a project to be developed throughout their stay in the Center.

A maximum of four grants are called for this type, with an amount of 5,500€ each and a duration of eleven months, from January 24th to December 24th 2020.

APPLICATION FORM: (.doc) | (.pdf)